Surf in Las Americas, Tenerife Spain

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Playa de las Americas can be found in Tenerife’s south coast. It is a heavily touristy area where surfers and North European elderly tourists coexist in a lively environment. Here you will find surf schools and British pubs, restaurants and hotels alike. However, don’t let the touristic apartments and crowded clubs give you the wrong impression, Las Americas is home of the best surf spots on the island. Here you will find a reef break on every corner, and it’s all-year perfect climate will allow you to surf in perfect-like conditions in any season.

Surf spots in the area:

Fitenia: This is one of the few alternatives when the swell is coming from the south, which usually happens in spring-summer. It is something like a beach break, but with some power and consistency. You will find some good shoulders on the right-hander next to the reefy dam and some long lefts on the opposite side. Beware of the cross shore winds which tend to hit the beach at noon, and the surf schools which move over here in the summer months.

El Dedo (The finger): This is the beach that gets the most swell in Las Americas. As you can see in the images, it is located on the outermost tip of land. It has its good days, especially when the swell is not big enough for other spots. Keep an eye on the tide when surfing here, since it gets really shallow in the final section of the right hander.

Pools or Piscinas: A slow wave that works best on southern swells. It is common to see longboards and beginners here as it has less power and steepness than other waves in the area. The left hand section can be long and mellow.

Derecha del Cartel or The Right: This is a long and fast point break that is usually very busy. On NE swells you will find it to be working better than most other spots, but beware of the crowd. Localism is prominent here so catching one will not be easy. However, the ride will be a long one with nice steep sections that any surfer can enjoy.

Bunkers: A powerful left hander that has good sections but tends to close out as getting closer to El Medio.

El Medio (The Middle): This is the place where beginners and surf schools tend to go. It is the break that you can find in the camera view. You will find a nice right and a longer left which can get interesting on bigger days. It tends to work on most days, even when it is too small for the other surf spots.

Las Palmeras: Probably the best reef break you will find in Las Americas.It is a fast and barrelling left, but you will need some luck to catch a wave here since it is really well protected by locals.

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